SAM PuttLab Analysis

Measure your putting performance with SAM PuttLab at Prime Golf Academy, French Riviera. This tool analyses the 28 critical to your putting parameters and displays the results in easy graphic reports. Great way to improve you short game! Our putting school is open to any golfer wishing to improve his putting and chipping performance.

Putting Theory and Practice - Prime Junior Academy

Prime junior golf academy starts a series of advanced specific weekly golf trainings. This week we work on putting with some theoretical lessons to understand different approaches and practical work with SAM PuttLab. Today we discuss Geoff Mangum Putting Zone theory before applying it on the putting green.

Titleist Performance Institute Training - Power Coach Level 2

The coach of the Prime junior full-time program Johann De Zan at the Titleist Performance Institute training Power Coach Level 2 with the one of the 2 TPI co-founders, Greg Rose, and the olympic lift specialist. The Power Coach certification focuses on training methods for developing more ball speed, on screening for power loss, physical fitness techniques and swing techniques for power.

Titleist Performance Institute Training

Prime Golf Academy's team constantly renews its teaching techniques. Expertise and passion for high quality education and the benefit of our students!

Our coach, Johann De Zan, at the TPI training "Physical Preparation in golf" and "Power Coach Level 2". These Titleist Performance Institute certifications focus on golf-specific physical training and methods to develop more ball speed.

1st place for Pauline Welker at Beziers Golf Tournament

Another victory for Pauline Welker, Prime Golf Academy's student, at Beziers Golf Tournament. Pauline came with 12 points ahead...What a splendid victory! This is the 4th victory for Pauline for the last 6 months at our junior full time academy

Congratulations also for Alex Fuchs who got the 5th place.

Titleist Performance Institute Training -TPI Fitness Coach

Johann De Zan, Junior Prime Golf Academy's golf coach at the Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) training " Physical Préparation in Golf ". After the TPI level 2 certification as the golf instructor, Johann is passing his certification as a golf fitness instructor. This program is focused on teaching the skills needed to run an effective golf-specific training program.

3d place for Pauline Welker at St Maxime Golf Tournament

Congratulations to Pauline Welker, a student of the junior full time golf academy, for the 3rd place at Sainte Maxime Golf Tournament. Great performance since the beginning of this golf training season with successive victories in several golf tournaments.

Great job Pauline. Keep working hard !

Fitting for the new Titleist 915 Drivers

Prime Golf Academy starts the fitting for the new Titleist 915 drivers. Fitting sessions start next week and will help you to personalise and to adapt your Titleist driver to your personal needs.

Try a new 915D2 that provides more stability and delivers a higher trajectory and a more dynamic face closure. New 915D3 Titleist driver delivers distance with the trajectory control. It produces a lower flight and less spin versus D2.

Fitting Sessions for the New Titleist 915 Drivers

Before the official launch on the market, the Prime Junior Golf Academy benefits from an exclusive fitting session of new Titleist 915 Drivers.

New 915D2 that provides more confidence and stability with a higher trajectory and a more dynamic face closure. Or new 915D3 that delivers distance with a trajectory control, producing a lower flight and less spin.

Junior Golf Camp

The week of junior golf camp at Prime Golf Academy is over. It's a reward time! We thank our passionate young golfers for participating in this intensif week of golf training.

All our golf camps are led by expertly trained coaches who propose to our junior golfers a mix of range work and on-course training, trackman and video swing analysis and a golf-specific physical training.