What if without changing your swing you used 100% of what you already know how to do? The goal of a strong mental game is to ultimately optimize the efficiency of your game in all playing conditions !

1- Do you often perform better in practice than in competition?

2- Does your confidence vary a lot from one shot to another or from one round to another ?

3- Are you easily distracted while playing ?

4- Do you become easily frustrated and engage in negative self-dialogue ?

5- Do you feel pressure from your expectations ?

If you answer yes to one or more of these questions our program can help you !

Prime Golf Academy offers you a unique opportunity to improve your mental abilities to score lower with our mental specialist Julien Raya. Take advantage of our strong program to improve your performance on the golf course and during competitions.


Theoretical and practical session
80 €/person
Theoretical and practical session
750 €/person
Course Management & strategy
290 €/person