Mechanical and Biomechanical Swing Analysis. Equipment

  • Trackman and video analysis: trackman is a radar technology that gives a very precise and detailed analysis of your swing patterns that are impossible to see with the human eye or video analysis only. It gives us about 30 important measurements like attack angle, face angle, club speed, club path, ball spin axis and many more, important to establish a very precise swing correction plan. You get an instant feedback of the gap between what you think you do and what you’re really doing. Compare your swing to the largest database of professional golf swings.
  • Smart To Move Force plates. No regularity and power without good support and a good power transfer! Analysis of static and dynamic balance during the execution of the swing, as the displacement of the center of gravity, weight transfer and force left right / front / rear foot and relief / heavier in respect of a throwing motion rotary.
  • SAM PuttLab. SAM PuttLab is a radar that measures all patterns of your putting for a better short game performance.
Trackman and Video Analysis with oral report
Or Smart to Move Plates analysis with oral report
110 €/person
Profound Trackman and Video or Smart to Move Plates Analysis + a correction video with you working plan put on your personal digital account
200 €/person
Putting Analysis with SAM PuttLab
110 €/person