We offer a personalized fitness / relaxation program, individual or in couple, with a highly professional fitness coach that will adapt the training to your physical condition and, of course, to your personal objectives and needs.

  1. Muscular reinforcement
  2. Physical and mental relaxation with a mix of stretch, yoga and pilates
  3. Golf adapted physical program helping to correct your swing-related physical limitations and prevent injuries. This personalized program is developed on the base of the TPI that will be carried out by our TPI certified coaches. TPI tests help determining your main physical swing-related limitations and establishing a program to correct your “weak points”

The program is available on 3, 4 or 5 days program

  Individual 1h Couple 1h
3 days 270 € 360 €
4 days 360 € 500 €
5 days 400 € 640 €